BioArdis - Accelerates Drug Development

BioArdis Accelerates Drug Development to Pre-Clinical Advancement Candidates.

Established in 2017, BioArdis LLC has assembled a distinguished management team with extensive experience in innovative drug development. The company has built a pipeline of drug candidates including oncology, immuno-oncology combination therapies and dermatology. By leveraging strong relationships with world-class scientists, savvy advisors and business professionals as well as state-of-the-art facilities and capabilities, BioArdis accelerates development to preclinical advancement candidates (pre-IND enabling studies).

BioArdis has deep-seated expertise in the preclinical development space and strives to expand the number of programs under development. BioArdis is actively seeking to partner programs at the Preclinical Development Candidate (PDC) stage.

Recently, BioArdis has expanded its therapeutics portfolio and discovery engine to include additional best-in-class products by integrating antibody discovery, innovative CAR-T cell discovery and development, cellular reprogramming and allogeneic production capabilities. Under these enhanced platforms, there are currently multiple active immune-oncology programs in progress. BioArdis is concentrating on targets with overlapping expression in most solid tumors for combinatorial targeting approach to create "one fits all drug model" to provide potent and affordable cures for multiple cancers.

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