BioArdis - Advanced Therapeutics

Advanced Therapeutics.

BioArdis aims to develop the best therapeutics for curing various diseases with a focus on cancer, utilizing the latest science and innovations, novel design, best screening platforms and advanced technologies. The company provides flexibility for cures by developing therapeutics that can be used alone as monotherapy or in combination therapy. To fulfill that vision, BioArdis is diligently working on two parallel tracks: In the Small Molecules track, BioArdis is developing a unique portfolio of small molecule therapeutics for novel and key emerging targets that can be partnered or advanced towards IND-enabling studies and the clinical stage.

The Large Molecules and Cell Therapy track is focused on developing the best and first-in-class autologous and allogeneic cell therapy products (such as CAR-T) and their manufacturing process with improved aptitudes toward invading and eliminating cancers. BioArdis is achieving success in these areas by developing and combining advanced AI-based antibody design and discovery, synthetic biology, genome editing and cellular reprogramming platforms.