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Large Molecule Discovery Cell Therapy.

BioArdis develops best-in-class and first-in-class cell therapy products with improved aptitudes toward invading and eliminating solid tumors and other diseases through combining advanced AI- based antibody design, antibody discovery, synthetic biology, genome editing, and cellular reprogramming platforms.
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Living Drugs including Living Anticancer Drugs.

Antibody Design and Discovery Platforms

The AI antibody technology platform utilizes the latest artificial neural network algorithm, machine learning and molecular dynamics to stimulate the directed evolution of each antibody, ultimately outputting optimized sequences that specifically and strongly bind the target antigen. These AI-acquired sequences are quickly advanced into screening.

BioArdis screens tens of billions of high-impact sequences in a high-throughput manner. The sequences are all synthetic, meaning they are deliberately designed antibodies with optimized affinity, specificity, stability and therapeutic developability. The company's unique binders can be assembled or switched into different antibody formats, or assembled into cells such as T-cells to create living drugs.
BioArdis - Optimized Platform

Cell Therapy Platform

Cell therapy is a cutting-edge therapy in which reprogrammed live cells (using genome editing or engineering) or healthy cells are injected or implanted into the patient to generate the desired medicinal effect. An example is transplanting T-cells engineered to fight cancer cells, or non-immune cell replacement (grafting reprogrammed cell in which disease-causing mutation is corrected to regenerate diseased tissues). The source of the cells in cell therapy can be either self (Autologous Cell Therapy) or manufactured non-self cells from healthy donors (Allogeneic Cell Therapy). The cell therapy platform of BioArdis offers Flexible-Live-Therapeutics covering autologous and allogeneic products fine-tuned for enhanced clinical potency and outcome for treating the most devastating diseases including solid tumors.

Flexible-Live-Therapeutics™ is a trademark of BioArdis.
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